Discovering Boston Univerisities

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Some of the students prefer to the school has more diversity in terms of age, geography, and ethinicity. Here is the fact sheet about the diversity in all of the schools.

Every school has its strength. When choosing the school, students should take this as a main aspect to consider the value of the school. Of course people will argue about school's reputaion is more important than the major's reputation. But think about it, you don't want to go Harvard to learn Music.

The located city of the school is also important to the international student. Students should think about the traffic, housing, food and other living conditions.

The quality and the repupation of school's faculty is the high priority when students think about the school. For those students who want to apply for the PhD program, studing under a famous professor will makes your academic life and career path easier. This philosopy also applies to undergrades and master strudents.